Quinoa Cracker Variety 4-Pack
Quinoa Cracker Variety 4-Pack

Quinoa Cracker Variety 4-Pack

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New Beat Foods is a gluten-free, hand-crafted, artisan food company that produces a line of delicious crunchy, flavorful gluten-free crackers that people simply love. Thin, crispy and nutritious. Quinoa is the main ingredient in all our crackers and is a complete protein packed with fiber.

Each 4 Pack of New Beat Foods Gluten-Free Quinoa Crackers contains four 4 oz boxes, one of each flavor: Sesame Swing, Cranberry Chorus, Play it Simple, and Trio. 

Simple Ingredients:

  • 100% organic quinoa, an ancient superfood seed revered by the Aztecs
  • Baked with wholesome, organic, naturally gluten-free and deliciously flavorful seeds, herbs, spices, and (in some flavors) organic dried fruit—and no processed anything.
  • Nut-free. gluten-free. major allergen-free and free from any fillers, starches, gums or flours.
  • Hand baked in small batches artisan style with a base of organic quinoa and other nutritious gluten-free grains and seeds.
  • Baked in an allergen-free kitchen, free of nuts, dairy, wheat, and GMOs in Longmont, Colorado.