Four Sigmatic

Making nature’s best foods easier to enjoy

It all started back in Finland, where saunas outnumber cars and people compete in things like swamp soccer and mobile phone throwing (seriously, we have world championships for this stuff).

The 100 most nutrient-dense foods

We grew up in nature, foraging Chaga in our backyards, and eating all kinds of mushrooms for their benefits. Apparently most of the world doesn’t use mushrooms (or their mobile phones) in this way. So we decided to spread the word.

Four Sigmatic foods are the 100 most nutrient-dense, most studied foods on the planet. And now they’re easy to add to your daily routines. We’re making these foods as easy as possible to eat and use and talk about. Because the world is asking more of you. Of everyone. We’d all feel a lot better doing that work if we got off the hamster wheel of coffee jitters and hangovers and sugar highs.

Our founder is a Funguy

Meet Tero. He grew up in Finland on a family farm that’s 13 generations old (and the 14th generation is growing up fast). There he learned to respect Mother Nature and started Four Sigmatic with a bunch of other Funguys. Now we’re in over 65 countries, bringing feel-good Nordic traditions to the world.

Rigorously researched and lab tested

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But our products are no joke. We only use the most studied ingredients from the most trusted sources. We geek out about our formulas and purity levels from our 3rd party testers so you don’t have to think about the science.

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3 products