We are living in especially challenging times; but there is a silver lining.

It will lead many of us to live more “care-fully,” accelerating trends that were already gathering speed. We care more and more about our health, about leaving a lighter footprint, about what we eat and drink and where it comes from, about our spiritual well-being, and about being responsible, helpful neighbors.

In other words, we will live with a greater sense of purpose.

Now with Purpose is building a community of people committed to making positive changes, and to living their lives with a consistent, coherent point-of-view. We’re gathering the best information we can find, and are working hard to present it plainly and elegantly. After all, it’s easy to say “live with purpose,” but what does that look like, in everyday life?

We’ll focus on:

· Maintaining: How to stay healthy — from what you eat and drink, to supplements, to prevention, to treatment.
· Practicing: Regular routines and for vibrant living.
· Sustaining: How to live with a lighter footprint, being a more responsible consumer.
· Seeking: Distilling the best of the world’s wisdom traditions and paths to spiritual well-being.
· Neighboring: There are so many “everyday heroes” that show us the way toward better communities. We aim to provide concrete examples and resources that are available to everyone.

We’re so grateful you’re spending time with us. Come visit often, tell us what you think, and let your friends know about us.