Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic DVD
Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic DVD

Qi Gong 7 Minutes of Magic DVD

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"A perfect blend of Western and Eastern fitness to jump-start your day and help you relax at night."
       -Deepak Chopra, M.D. / Best-Selling Author

This breakthrough routine from master teacher Lee Holden blends the best of Qi Gong and Yoga in a highly effective mix that delivers results -- fast! With his signature down-to-earth instructions, Lee guides you through several variations that will energize you in the morning, reduce stress during the day, and relax you in the evening. Best of all, you can experience a refreshing, healing boost to body, mind, and spirit anytime, in just 7 Minutes!

The 7 Minutes of Magic DVD contains about an hour of video, including:

  •  Two AM routines (the standard 7-minute routine, and a longer, 15-minute version  -- double the magic!)
  •  Two PM routines (both the standard and extended versions)
  •  An additional 7-minute routine of gentle, standing movements, great for taking it easy or adding variety
  •  A handy pocket routine guide that lists the movements and benefits of each routine --  perfect for traveling
  •  An informative 34-minute interview with the DVD's instructor and Qi Gong master, Lee Holden
  •  A behind-the-scenes video on the making of 7 Minutes of Magic
  •  An introductory segment to get you rolling

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All in all, there's probably not an easier way to experience all that Qi Gong has to offer. We're confident you'll love Lee and this program -- and will give you a full refund if you're not satisfied. Of course, consult your own health care provider before you begin any exercise program.