Swanson Soapworks

Dedicated to the art of creating pure + natural skincare.


Beautiful all-natural skincare created with purpose. At Swanson Soapworks, we endeavor to create the best artisan soap bars and select skincare blends possible working with
the finest natural ingredients.

Chief Saponifier

Laura Evans Swanson, chief saponifier, designs + creates all of our soaps and skincare blends. All of our products are crafted by hand in small batches. Bar soap is made using the cold press method, relying on the natural process of saponification to create our soaps and to protect the incredible properties of the essential oils.

Less is More

Each item in our skincare line is carefully researched and selected, using as few ingredients as possible to prevent sensitivities. Whether you have sensitive skin, or allergies, or are just unexplainably sensitive to the world around you, our products are made with you in mind.


The process and ingredients of all our products are carefully considered. This applies to the design and look as well. The natural beauty within is reflected in the exterior of our bars as well as our packaging.

22 products

22 products