Soothing Lavender Bar

Soothing Lavender Bar

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This soap’s soothing and tranquil scent has a relaxing and calming effect. Great for sensitive skin. Creamy and smooth. A beautiful blend of lavender essential oil, cedar and a pinch of fine rose clay.

What we love about it:

• soothing bath + body bar

unrefined shea nut butter: gentle & healing to the skin, luxuriously moisturizing

cedarwood essential oil: calms nervous tension

lavender essential oil: antifungal + ant microbial, calms the skin and spirit, helps relieve feelings of stress

rose clay: soothes the skin

Ingredients: water, saponified oil blend (sustainably produced olive oil, sustainably produced coconut oil, sustainably produced palm oil and sodium hydroxide) lavender + cedarwood essential oils, rose clay

Approx wt 5.0 oz