Cedarwood Peppermint Shaving Soap

Cedarwood Peppermint Shaving Soap

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Perfect for all your shaving needs. Shea nut butter and sea clay create an extra thick creamy white lather. While the essential oils stimulate the hair follicles assisting in a closer shave. This beautiful bar's scent is both woodsy and minty. Perfect for shaving as well as a bath and shower bar.

What we love about it:

• Super awesome shaving soap

unrefined shea nut butter: creates a thick white lather, gentle & healing to skin, luxuriously moisturizing

peppermint essential oil: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cooling, stimulating, gives a little tingle, helps clear mental fatigue

cedarwood essential oil: calms the skin and spirit, relieves feelings of stress

finely ground sea clay: rich in minerals and sea salt, draws oil from skin, helps to make a thick creamy lather

Ingredients: water, saponified oil blend (sustainably produced olive oil, sustainably produced coconut oil, sustainably produced palm oil and sodium hydroxide) unrefined shea nut butter, peppermint essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, saltwater sea clay

Approx wt 5.0 oz