Fatigue Support Tea
Fatigue Support Tea
Fatigue Support Tea

Fatigue Support Tea

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The Blend

This lightly caffeinated blend was created to help promote healthy energy levels. This invigorating herbal fusion of adaptogenic herbs like eleuthero, paired with supportive tonic herbs like nettle, makes for a potent elixir. Fatigue Support blend includes refreshing ingredients like ginkgo, lemongrass, and spearmint to add to the effervescent feeling that this blend gives. 

20 servings per package.


Organic Green tea (leaf), Organic Lemongrass (leaf), Organic Spearmint (leaf), Organic Gingko (leaf), Organic Eleuthero (root powder), Organic Nettle (leaf), Organic Calendula (flower)

Brewing Instructions

Bring water to boil, add one tablespoon of loose-leaf tea into your tea infuser, steep for 5-10 minutes covered, and enjoy! you should cover loose leaf tea when you steep it.