Green Tea Matcha Bar

Green Tea Matcha Bar

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Exfoliating and invigorating, this bar's green tea content and pumice make it a tingly + scrubby exfoliator with a rich lather. The blend of essential oils gives it an herbaceous garden green lemony scent with excellent antibacterial benefits.

Ingredients: water, saponified oil blend (sustainably produced olive oil, sustainably produced coconut oil, sustainably produced palm oil) powdered organic green tea leaves, basil, oregano, lime & lemongrass essential oils, pumice, castor bean oil

What we love about it:

• Excellent Cleansing body bar

Green tea powder (matcha): tones and calms skin, tannic acid in tea both antibacterial and anti-fungal. Shrinks large skin pores

Oregano essential oil: antibacterial & anti-fungal

Lemongrass + basil essential oil: antibacterial, bug repellent, stimulates and aids memory, helps clear the mind

Finely ground pumice: exfoliant

Wt. approx. 5.0 oz