Tangerine Almond Bar

Tangerine Almond Bar

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Organic coconut oil, coconut flour, and shea nut butter give this bar a rich, creamy, and moisturizing lather. The combination of the coconut flour, coconut oil, and the bitter almond extract gives it an antibacterial and antifungal punch. Try it as a shampoo bar too, a real keeper!

What we love about it:

• shower/bath bar

organic coconut flour & oil: moisturizes & heals the skin and hair, antibacterial, anti fungal

unrefined shea nut butter: luxuriously moisturizing, gentle & healing

organic bitter almond extract: antibacterial, anti fungal

tangerine essential oil: antiseptic and sedative

litsea essential oil: Uplifting and calming, mild astringent

Ingredients: water, saponified oil blend (sustainably produced olive oil, sustainably produced coconut oil, sustainably produced palm oil, and sodium hydroxide) organic coconut oil, organic coconut flour, unrefined shea nut butter, bitter almond extract, tangerine + litsea essential oil

Wt. approx. 5.0 oz +